Silver Dragon T'ai Chi and Qigong School

Animal Frolics:
These exercises are meant to cultivate the vital energy within us. In practice the goal is to express the spirit through movements of the Crane, Bear, Monkey, Deer, and Tiger in playful, dance-like sequences.

Balancing for Emotional Vitality:
These Qigong exercises balance the emotional qi within the body. They are slow moving stretching exercises tied to the yin organs: the Liver (anger), Heart (joy), Spleen (anxiety) Lung (grief) and Kidneys (fear).

Bone Marrow Wash:
This is a more involved standing exercise which cleanses and refines the qi in the body.

Breathing and Postural Awareness:
This series of exercises helps participants to center and quiet the mind while aligning the body for more advanced Qigong.

Harmonizing the Breath:
This is a standing exercise for gently cleansing the body of stale qi while allowing fresh qi to enter.

Nei Kung and Internal Exercises:
The first ten movements are basic stretching and strengthening exercises which provide a foundation for the practice of T’ai Chi Ch’uan. The second eight movements are gentle Qigong exercises that circulate qi throughout the body.

Self-Massage and Accupressure Points:
This series of gentle massages helps to circulate qi throughout the body and leads one to a peaceful state of being.

Standing Eight Brocades:
These eight exercises not only open the energy channels in the body but help to release toxins and accumulated stress in the yin organs.

T’ai Chi Ch’uan--

is an ancient form of Chinese exercise that is performed as a slow-moving dance. It combines relaxation and gentle physical exercise. Through practice one learns to center the mind, calm the body and energize the spirit.

Swimming Dragon:
This Qigong exercise helps one to lose weight by promoting fitness and a general sense of well-being.

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